In a whirlwind turn of events, the Zyppah anti-snoring device has recently outpaced the perennially popular Good Morning Snore Solution as the leading “stop snoring” device on the market in the final quarter of 2015.


So what exactly is it about this miracle mouthpiece that has caused its meteoric rise in popularity and grab the #1 spot? Read the Zyppah review below to find out!

Product Highlights:

    • Utilizes a patent-pending elastic tongue stabilizer
    • Simple boil-and-bite application
    • Airflow hole for increased breathability
    • Immediately reduces or completely stops your snoring
    • Compatible across a wide range of mouth sizes
    • Increases the quality of your sleep
    • Does not require any adjustments to be used
    • Constructed of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials
    • FDA cleared
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • 90 Day Hassle-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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First of All–What is Zyppah?

Pronounced as “zee-pah”, the device is perhaps the most unique anti-snoring oral appliance on the market. Zippah Inc. dubbed their flagship product “Zyppah” as somewhat of a play on words: The name is actually “Happy Z” spelled backwards, signifying the kind of happy sleep you can expect to get once you start using this revolutionary snoring device.

Dr.GreenbergThe Zyppah Rx was developed by Dr. Johnathan Greenburg, a renowned dentist with over 30 years of experience in the dental industry. Dr. Greenburg also completed undergraduate work in bioengineering, giving him a unique skill set in terms of creating an oral stop-snoring device that would be compatible enough to accommodate a wide range of patients and snoring conditions.

This mouthpiece is somewhat of a “hybrid” that combines the best attributes of tongue stabilization (i.e., keeping the tongue in place while sleeping) and mandibular advancement (i.e., keeping the lower jaw in a slightly extended position to keep airways open), in order to pack a powerful “one-two punch” that can knock snoring problems down for the count.

zyppah website


What are the Zyppah Stop Snoring Benefits?

One of the most outstanding benefits of the Zyppah snore device is the fact that it offers the best of both worlds in terms of mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs). The tongue stabilization aspect of the mouthpiece keeps your tongue from falling back into your throat when you’re sleeping (one of the most common causes of snoring), and the mandibular advancement feature repositions your jaw slightly forward to improve airflow during sleep.

Keep in mind that partially blocked airways during sleep can lead to unpleasant conditions such as sleep apnea–where you wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air–and can introduce a host of health problems into the mix if left unaddressed.

How the Zyppah Snoring Device Will Stop Your Snoring and Improve Your Health and Quality of Sleep

The Zyppah Rx mouthpiece offers a comprehensive solution to snoring that thoroughly addresses the problem of blocked airways during sleep. By utilizing the most effective attributes of both MADs and TSDs, the whole product is truly greater than the sum of its counter parts.

Think about it: Mandibular advancement devices reposition the lower jaw, but this only partially opens your airways. The stop snoring Zyppah device takes it a step further by combining mandibular repositioning with tongue stabilization to give your airways as much “breathing room” as possible while you’re sleeping. This will not only help you to sleep quieter, but it will also improve the very quality of your sleep by providing you with unhindered breathing. This translates into a much more peaceful night of sleep, and much less noise for your spouse or roommate to endure.

Zyppah Rx reviews

How Zyppah Combats Sleep Apnea Better Than Other Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Sleep apnea is a worrisome condition, because it can lead to various health complications including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Using it for snoring will give you a multi-faceted advantage in your “war against the snore”; you will be able to address the problem using a combination of two solutions instead of just one. Through Zyppah sleep apnea symptoms can be drastically reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

What Makes Zyppah Better?

Not only is the look of the snoring aid Zyppah more visually pleasing (they offer nice colors instead of a bland clear mouthpiece), but the integration of tongue stabilization along with mandibular repositioning makes this device stand out as a more comprehensive solution to the problem of excessive snoring. Most of the other stop snoring devices on the market fall into either the MAD or TSD category, but Zyppah stands alone in this regard due to its successful integration of both technologies.

How to Clean the Zyppah Device

Snap CleanAs with any other oral appliance, the mouthpiece can collect germs if not properly cleaned and maintained on a periodic basis. Zyppah Inc. sells an excellent cleaner known as SNAP, which has been clinically proven to completely destroy 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi and viruses that are commonly found on oral appliances.

This will help keep your device in a clean and germ-free state, so that its performance won’t be compromised, and your oral health will be secure.

How Long Will It Last?

Utilizing proper care, the device will last for several months, most have been know to last well over a year.

How to Fit and Customize the Zyppah Snoring Device

Zyppah Rx is very quick and easy to fit.

    • The device uses boil-and-bite technology, which basically “tailors” the shape and contour of the device to your teeth.
    • Simply drop the Zyppah snore device in hot water and leave it there for a couple of minutes, and then remove it and allow it to cool briefly before inserting the device into your mouth.
    • Once the device is in your mouth, place the lower half on you bottom teeth first, then firmly bite down on it and keep your teeth shut for thirty seconds.
    • This will create an impression in the device that will fit your teeth exactly.
    • Finally, place device under cold running water to harden the customized teeth impression.

Watch the video below for a full fitting demonstration for Dr. Jonathan Greenberg himself…

Does Zyppah Work?

The Zyppah anti-snoring device holds a distinct advantage over other “stop snoring” devices on the market due to its unique hybrid design. This is perhaps the number-one distinguishing factor between this and other similar devices on the market.

The strength of this device lies in the fact that it offers a more thorough approach to alleviating snoring through a combination of MAD and TSD technologies. This is why there are so many Zyppah Rx reviews that sing the praises of this unique device.


How Zyppah Has Helped Others

Many a Zyppah Rx review has been posted on the Web in various online forums and discussion boards, and the experience of most reviewers has been overwhelmingly positive. Highlights of these testimonials include people who claimed that they are finally getting better sleep than they’ve had in years, as well as giving their spouses some peace and quiet at night!

Eight Time Emmy Award winner, Bob Eubanks says “It will work the first night and every night, I guarantee it!”

Potential Zyppah Complaints

The positive press that it has received does not mean that there hasn’t been any complaints about the device at all. Some people who posted a Zyppah Rx anti-snoring review have reported dealing with jaw soreness and/or drooling. Others have claimed that the fitting process is a little more tricky than what they have experienced with other stop snoring devices. It should also be noted that you cannot use the mouth piece if you have dentures, crowns, bridge work, or loose teeth.

The Zyppah Guarantee*

To top it all off, Zyppah offers a hassle-free 90-day return policy, which means that if you aren’t satisfied with the device for whatever reason, you can return it within 90 days of the purchase date and get your money back. Simple as that.

In addition, if you purchased the SNAP cleanser along with your Zyppah Rx mouthpiece, you’ll get an additional 90 days on top of the original guarantee. We’re talking half a year here for you to decide if its is right for you. Sounds more than fair to me.

Zyppah vs ZQuiet

zyppah vs zquiet

Both devices share a few similarities in that they both are FDA approved and are made from non-toxic materials, but Zyppah has a massive edge due to the fact that ZQuiet does not make any provisions for stabilizing the tongue during sleep. In addition, ZQuiet does not offer jaw advancement calibration in 1mm increments, which means that you can run the risk of sustaining ligament damage or jaw pain (i.e., TMJ) if the device is not properly fitted to your mouth.

Zyppah vs SnoreRx

zyppah vs snorerx

Zyppah offers a slight advantage over SnoreRx as well for the same reason mentioned above with ZQuiet. SnoreRx is an excellent mandibular advancement device, but without the added benefit of tongue stabilization, it may still be only partially effective for a large number of people who struggle with snoring.

Zyppah vs Good Morning Snore Solution

zyppah vs Good Morning Snoring Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution takes a slightly different approach in that it is exclusively a tongue stabilization device, and does not adjust the jaw forward at all. While this may be considered an advantage by some, it can leave room for problems for others who need a little bit of jaw repositioning in order to completely unblock their airways while sleeping.

Utilizing dual technology to eliminate snoring, Zyppah clearly holds the advantage over devices such as the Good Morning Snore Solution, which only addresses tongue stabilization. In addition, the Good Morning Snore Solution utilizes a form of suction to keep the tongue in place during the night, but Zyppah features a super-soft elastic strap that actually keeps the tongue in place without having to keep constant suction pressure on the tip of the tongue.

Lets compare why:

Ease of Use
Sleep Improvement
$9.95 Upfront
$79.95 Later
30 Days
SnoreRx mouthpiece

30 Days
30 Days
zyppah oral appliance
90 Days*
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ZQuietzyppah rx oral appliancezyppah rx oral appliancezyppah rx oral applianceZQuietzyppah rx oral appliance

Comparison Table Summery:

      • Its one of the easiest devices to use – No tools or adjusting needed!


      • Zyppah is the most effective device with its dual jaw advancing, tongue stabilizing system – BAR NONE!


      • Fully customizable with its simple boil and bite process that fits you perfectly.


      • Drastically improves your sleep and overall daily health and energy.


      • Has the longest 100% Money Back Guarantee providing you confidence in your purchase.




The Verdict: Why Zyppah Rx Kicks Butt!

Simply put, the creator of the mouthpiece thought through this device with the care and attention to detail that can be expected of a 30-plus-year veteran dentist. The result is a stop snoring device that offers users the dual benefit of tongue stabilization along with jaw repositioning, both of which combine to create one heck of an anti-snoring mouthpiece. In short, Zyppah Rx is far superior than its competitors!

Where to Buy Zyppah Rx

You can buy Zyppah through the company’s official website. With a great price of $89.95 this snore device is great value for money and to make it easier they also have a 3 installment payment plan to make it accessible for all snore sufferers.

They’re running a cool promotion right now where you can get the Zyppah Rx mouthpiece in different colors, including the following:

      • Pink and white, to symbolize support for the Susan G. Komen Foundation


      • Military green and camouflage, so that you can successfully “hide your snoring”


      • Red, white and blue, to symbolize the fact that its Made in the USA
zyppah pink
Zyppah Military
Zyppah USA

Alright, you’ve got all the information you need to make a sound decision and hope you have found this review informative; the rest is up to you. Keep in mind that you can try the Zyppah Rx anti snoring device risk-free for up to 90 days while you’re deciding if you want to keep it.

Based on the superior technology that is offered, along with the many positive reviews of this device on the Web, it’s fairly safe to say that you will not regret your decision to make Zyppah Rx your anti snoring device of choice.

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