If chronic snoring has been robbing you of a good night’s sleep, I feel your pain.

I was in the same boat myself for quite a while.

Not only was I barely getting any real rest at night, but my wife was basically being tortured by my loud snoring as well.

After a seemingly endless number of sleepless nights, my wife got completely fed up with my snoring, and demanded that I start looking for some anti-snoring devices to resolve this troublesome issue.

I couldn’t blame her; I felt terrible about keeping her awake at night, and I was tired of feeling lousy during the day due to not getting quality sleep.

After going a few rounds with all kinds of different snoring aids such as chin straps, nasal strips, snoring pillows (what a laugh), and a litany of mouthguard for snoring, I felt I was getting close to a solution, but nothing I tried really “clicked” until I discovered a mouthpiece to stop snoring called Vital Sleep.


The Vital Sleep Mouthpiece


The VitalSleep stop snore mouthpiece is classified as a “mandibular advancement device”, which means that it is designed to gently extend and hold your jaw in a forward position.

This small but important adjustment is needed to open up your airways and provide you with unobstructed breathing during sleep.

I wasn’t sure whether or not this type of device would actually work for me, but I’ll have to admit that I was impressed by the results.

The science behind this snore mouth guard is actually quite simple, but it has been proven to be a viable anti snore aid.

How VitalSleep Can Help Reduce Your Snoring

When you enter into a deep sleep, the muscles and tissues of your soft palate (the section of your throat behind the roof of your mouth) begin to relax, causing your tongue to begin to fold back into the back of your throat.

This blocks your airways and deprives your lungs and heart of the vital oxygen they need to properly regulate your breathing patterns. The result of this obstructed breathing is the unpleasant sound we all recognize as snoring.

What makes VitalSleep effective is its ability to keep your lower jaw in a slightly extended position, allowing your airways to remain open throughout the night, which essentially eliminates the source of your snoring.

What I Didn’t Like About VitalSleep

I only have two minor VitalSleep complaints: The first one is a little embarrassing, but I got over it nonetheless–I had a little issue with drooling for the first few nights I used it.

As with most other things, though, after a while your body gets used to things and naturally adjusts, so the excessive drooling went away.

My second (small) complaint is that my jaw was a little sore for the first couple of days, but this is actually a very common reaction to the mouthpiece.

The soreness went away fairly quickly, and now it’s not even a factor.

What I Did Like About VitalSleep

Hey, the device works…I don’t really have too much else to say beyond that.

My snoring basically stopped altogether, and it made my wife a happy camper as well.

The Vital Sleep snoreguard does its job, which is more than I can say for some of the other snoring aids I’ve tried.

What Are the Stand-Out Benefits?

The VitalSleep snore mouth guard carries several notable benefits; here are some of the most prominent ones:

* Boil-and-bite fitting process ensures optimal comfort
* Comes in two different sizes
* Constructed of latex-free and BPA-free thermoplastic
* Mouth guard does not irritate gums
* FDA cleared
* Excellent lower jaw adjustment functionality
* Features a breathing hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth or your nose

How Well Does VitalSleep Work?

I’m mainly speaking from my own experience with this Vital Sleep review, but according to dozens of other VitalSleep mouthpiece reviews across the Web, the device really does do a great job at eliminating the root cause of snoring.

I have no complaints; I’ve experienced positive results, so I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

How VitalSleep Has Helped Others

Numerous Vital Sleep reviews indicate that this unique snore mouthpiece has made a remarkable difference in the quality of sleep of the people who have tried it out.

Spouses of former snorers have claimed that the device has produced a night-and-day difference in their lives as well.

Scores of real-life testimonials have indicated that VitalSleep can be named as one of the best anti-snoring mouthpiece s on the market.

Where Can I Buy VitalSleep?

The best and easiest way to purchase VitalSleep is through the company’s official website.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you really don’t risk a thing by trying out the device. In addition, Vital Sleep carries a 1-year warranty and free replacements.

It’s good that the company is willing to stand behind their product like this, but if your experience is anything like mine, I doubt you’ll have any reason to return the device.

Try the Vital Sleep Risk-Free with a 1 Year Warranty Here!

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